Every Monday at 7pm CN/HK (9pm AEST) we have virtual training on business coaching and business psychology. Most of my private clients are business owners and they tell me that they highly value what they learn through it. Coaching is excellent however your TME (Time Money Energy) is limited, so is mine.

So I’m very excited to share this virtual training as the cost is incredibly low. You can jump on easily. Through the training, you are effectively coached with minimal TME required.

For those learning coaching, your going to learn tons too!

For Business owners, the results are magnified when you implement these new strategies with your team and staff. You may even find your family and intimate relationships benefiting too.

Fellow attendees of this virtual training value the growth factor and being able to help those around them make more sales, more wealth, more happiness and more success with ease.

Some new insights can lead to instant results while often new strategies will work quickly once implemented. 

These sessions will save you money and time. They can save you from wasting years of your life.

Buy a session right here and join in on the next call. 

When buying multiple sessions discounts will be available. 

We go live at 7pm CN/HK, 9pm AEST. A Zoom link and password will be provided prior to the start time. Smart Phone or CPU required.

1 Session, $30USD, use within 4 weeks from date of purchase.
4 Sessions, $100USD, use within 10 weeks from date of purchase.
10 Sessions, $200USD, use within 26 weeks from date of purchase.


T & C

  1. After the training session (roughly 45 minuets), you can choose to exit there or break into pairs to discuss/coach/deepen your learning.
  2. If you are transiting home from work, you can listen in ‘mute only’ for this period and/or fully participate as you want to ensure you can take advantage of this opportunity.
  3. A full refund is available if you arrive on time and stay till the end of the session.
  4. This is strictly NOT to be confused with a therapy or psychology session. This is Business Coaching, Business Psychology Training. This is for gaining insights and strategies which when applied can make magnificent results for your business, your success and your life.