Self Mastery, Applied Emotional Intelligence:
Studies have found that 80% of top performers in any field are also high in emotional intelligence. On the flip side, just 20% of bottom performers are high in emotional intelligence. In other words, you can be a top performer without emotional intelligence, but the chances are very slim.
The good news? Unlike IQ and other aptitudes, which are largely fixed, EIQ can be developed and improved
The Self Mastery, Applied Emotional Intelligence course helps leaders and other professionals understand the way they apply their emotional intelligence in terms of style, preferences, and behavior. It affords them clarity in determining how to best apply their knowledge and feelings to achieve a mutually beneficial outcome. It’s this understanding that forms the basis on which they’re able to make adjustments in order to be more effective in the future; personally as well as professionally.
Adrian Cahill is an Executive Coach (ICF PCC, member of EMCC & APAC), TEDx Speaker and NLP Trainer (Certified directly by John Grinder)
Prior to his Coaching days, Adrian served in the Australian Army, leading & training teams in the Middle East and East Timor
He is not your typical life or business coach, he is more highly skilled and results-focused. 
In my one to one coaching and training course, we start with …..
Preparing & building solid foundation for your success. We won’t be doing dry data overloading lectures. Each video is 8-20 minutes and backed up with 1-2 tasks to complete. Progress is checked. On successful progression, participants are given the Emotional Intelligence 2.0 Assessment. Participants may also have additional support from a trained EQ and NLP assistant. On completion of all work, participants will be awarded a certificate in Self Mastery, Applied Emotional Intelligence which will also have an estimated time/duration of training of study. Certificates will only be given on successful completion. 
Topics covered include (but not limited to) the following
4 Levels of Learning and Skill
DHCCC Discipline H….
Habit Building
Accelerating the Natural Belief Change Cycle
Values, Value Systems
State Management
Physiology and Cognition
Heartfulness vs Mindfulness
Box Breathing
Autonomic Nervous System PNS SNS
Emotional Intelligence Assessment
Daniel Goleman’s EQ Model
Left/Right Brains
Multiple Intelligences
Lead/Primary/Representational Systems
Setting up Anchors
Power Pause Technique
Sub Modalities
Core Emotions
Emotional Intimacy
Emotion Meditations
The Power of Vision