28/11/19 Running an amazing online course, 5 people are about to complete and holding a 9 day NLP Coaching Practitioner Retreat with ICF Credentials. Anyone wanting Training, call me quick price is going up each month. Will hold a Master Practitioner and Master Mind in the following months. Enjoy this article I wrote for YOU! 

My top 8, for everyone I work with (or care about):

How to hire a coach in China Build your mindset and motivation skills daily through creating small habits. Constant small improvements are the key. 

Improving your physical fitness and health in joyful ways. Use it as me time, de-stress time, or social time. Running/swimming clubs have multiple advantages and remember men often need extra testosterone building activities such as competing or weights, while women need estrogen building activities such as collaborating. 

Reduce negative influences and habits incrementally.

Read at least 5 minutes a day. Reading a little every day can help you learn and put to practice far more than reading for hours in one day. (Notice if you read for over an hour you can barely recall more than 5-9 key points. Our brains don’t handle more than 5-9 points of chunks of information, it has to drop one to pick up more)

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Build or reconnect with positive supportive friends. Schedule a time to call them if you think of them late at night and make it a high priority when that time comes. 

Spend a little more time doing things you love that are away from technology. Nature is wise. It’s outlived every animal species on earth. You can learn a lot meditating or walking in nature. 

Contact those you love more often. Enquire about their model of the world. For example, when you were young, what did you think about money? What did you value in your life? Where do you think those values came from? How did you know you were doing the right thing… Etc. I do this with my parents often. It’s important and we don’t judge them. It really gives me insight, develops my listening and nonjudgemental skills. It also helps raise our relationship and my self-awareness to higher levels.

If your religious, get back in touch with your roots. If not, spend more time breathing. Consider giving more away to those in need. Various religious text mention giving away 10% or spending 10% on your own development. How much have you given away or spent developing your self recently?

How to hire a coach in China

Ok, thank you for reading all this “How to hire a coach” article. Thank you for considering your coaching/mentoring pathways. I firmly believe everyone should have a coach. It is good for the mind, body, heart and soul. Don’t skimp or miss out. 

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Be Happy!

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