A few months ago, I went to the main Tony Robbin’s event. He has some smaller ones, and other speakers doing some but this  was the main one. 6-7 days 10am till 1-3am every morning. It was super high impact, tons of dancing, tons of fun. It was an event for breakthroughs. Just about everyone experiences some small or bigger shifts. Tony Robbins Kunming Yunnan

It was great and I’m glad I went. It cost a fair amount but I coach people every day so it was an investment or training experience for me. 

The cost? Well here comes the downside and it’s not just money.

This event is only held in Australia and USA once a year. You have to fly across the world, allow a day or two to recover and prepare for 7 big days, then the return journey plus the costs of hotels and any over costs. And the event itself is around +$800-1500USD a day and you’re in the crowd  (even with the most expensive VIP Packages). You really need the VIP in my opinion, it’s worth the upgrade but say a total cost over $10k for most people + 1-2 weeks away. 

For a fraction of the cost, you can have a well-trained coach focused not on 20,000 people, but focused on y0u.

That is why Coaching over phone/Skype/Wechat/Zoom is becoming so popular but please note: A well trained coach, and a coach with a glamorous facebook page are different things. Make sure, you know what to look for in a coach and feel free to ask for a guarantee. 



What happens in a coaching session, or a series of coaching sessions with me:

Each session with me runs for 45-90 minutes. During this time, we have a discussion. What is on your mind. Plus part of a larger structure of moving you towards your goals and dreams, even if your not completely sure what that is just yet.

I strongly believe that some of the best ways I can help you now is to:

  1. Regularly challenge and stretch your thinking.
  2. Encourage and support you in thinking and feeling in ways that will bring about even more positive change.
  3. Assist you in moving quickly to feeling in control of your life and enjoying abundance.
  4. Hold you accountable for continually stepping forward. Moving you towards continual growth. 
  5. Mentor you in how to become more emotionally and financially free. (A lot of people see value in being financially free, and it’s not so hard but emotional freedom is breathtaking.)
  6. Help you challenge the Status Quo and dramatically improve your communication skills with self and others. 

On the outside, we do this is by regular meetings over phone, Wechat, Skype, Zoom or occasionally face to face.

On the inside, we do this is through utilizing the best coaching and change methodologies and actually ‘retraining your brain’ to rewire itself in better ways. (Also known as Neuroplasticity). As we talk, we may go through direct or indirect processes specifically designed to help new neural pathways fire up. When the new pathways are fired up, it could be a big breakthrough’s or it could be a smaller breakthrough with which just a little strengthening or practice, will make new pathways more naturally dominant, even easier. Neuroplasticity is a fact and regular coaching is one of the most powerful ways to sculpt it the way you want it to be.  


A Rough Outline:

First call / Consult: Looking at what you want to achieve.

Session 1 – 2: Learning why you haven’t got it already, roadblocks, discovering patterns, looking for best opportunities to excel. 

Sessions 3-5: Action. Methodologies, processes, conversations to get you where you are to where you want to be. 

Session 6->: Action, celebrating wins, calibration, 

It’s all about you. Everyone is different. Some people like the direct approach. Some people really appreciate when I share direct experiences other clients have had (full confidentiality is a must by ethics and laws of course). Some people like to know how it all works and collect lots of information. Your natural learning style is easily identified and your natural preferences will determine what we do as success isn’t an option. It’s a must. 


As I only have limited appointment times together for each session it is really important for you to arrive on time. I typically see a lot of people and have a lot on. This means that I have very little flexibility on the day and if you do happen to arrive late then I will still need to finish our session at the scheduled time.

You will probably find the session will go very quickly. I hope that you will find our sessions non-threatening but ‘life-changing’. I endeavour to get ‘change’ as quickly as possible and my average number of sessions to assist you in getting to a much better place is 6. Sessions or our work together could support you for 4 to 24months. Some clients really value continual growth and they tend to enjoy working together for longer periods. Some clients just want to work through a challenge like procrastination, divorce, business startup and the like.

Success is essentially dependent on you taking an active part. It helps if you are open and honest with me (I am bound by laws of confidentiality) and committed to getting a positive outcome. I can be hard discipline maker, a cheer squad or a combination of them both. I have a military background and believe training your brain is vital for success in the 21st century. 

If you are feeling nervous or apprehensive about seeing a Specialist or Coach, then consider seeing me as a Mentor or advisor. It’s very common or even a must for high performers to have a coach. Just look at sports. Some people brag about having a coach. Sometimes they use names like Performance Coach, or Executive Coach just to make it sound even higher status. 

All varieties of Coaching is for growth and achieving more in life and you only have one shot at this life. People that do this stuff are focused on getting what they want in life, and you may completely be like this now. You may completely want this. But I do what your unconscious to fully consider, what would life be like if you had a coach helping you.



Linkedin: www.linkedin.com/in/adriancahill

(In working with any specialist look for endorsements and recommendations on LinkedIn + ICF status. I am a member of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council, hold the ICF PCC (high level accreditation), with over 1000 paid Coaching Hours).

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