One of my clients was asking me about helping them with finding their life purpose. It’s actually a question I encounter regularly and from my experience, it’s a much bigger challenge then it first appears. But once people are more aware of their purpose, pathways to pursue it magically appear. Just like in Martial Arts or The TAO, when the student is ready, the teacher will appear.

For finding your life purpose, don’t stop. Even if you feel you have it at your finger tips, keep looking deeper. Soon your life may just transform. Finding your big WHY is possible. Once on track the hows will reveal themselves. So here are 8 simple tips for you my friend.

Finding your life purpose


Find your life purpose with Adrian Cahill. Passion Paid Competence


8 Simple tips to finding your life purpose:


1. Identify the activities that are meaningful for you.

These are the things that just feel right when you’re doing them, they have purpose and you feel authentic when you’re doing them. ACTUALLY WRITE THEM DOWN. Don’t just think about them. Make a list. At least 5 things that are really meaningful and another 5 that are so so.


2. Identify the things that you enjoy doing, are good at, and something that the world needs.

You may be good at watching TV, but does the world need more TV viewers? Well perhaps TV critics, TV show bloggers… But does the world need more of that? Perhaps the world needs people that are passionate about higher quality TV programs for improving people’s lives.

Are you good with communicating? Helping others through problems? Perhaps even something like cooking (creating). You should feel at your best when you are doing this. It may be something you don’t get paid for. Personally I’ve been very passionate about helping others my whole life. EQ/SQ became passions of mine around 2007 and it wasn’t until 2013 that I started to get paid for it.

When you enjoy doing it, become very good, and you figure out how to create massive value for someone somehow… It’s just a matter of time till there is enough value in what doing that more valued exchanges start to take place.

“Don’t let mental blocks control you. Set yourself free. Confront your fear and turn the mental blocks into building blocks.”
― Roopleen,


3. Create a brief statement that ties together what you are good at and what provides you with a sense of purpose.

In finding your life purpose you probably like to end up with a brief mission or vision statement. A short sentence, a paragraph or even a mantra. Ensure it’s memorable, short and to the point. It can be repeated in times of vain or yelled out over and over again in your car on your way to the next business meeting. Tony Robbins talks about this in some of his programs. A leader needs a mission or vision. Your purpose is that mission or vision.

Steve Jobs, had a very clear why. Profits and Apple were by products of his clear why.


Finding your life purpose with Adrian Cahill, Be a Boss


4. Check how your statement or mantra supports your current direction.

Are your daily habits and rituals in line with this. How much of your daily life can be nearer to this?

Remember waterfalls start from little streams.

Steve Jobs was a futurist. A dreamer. Highly intuitive. Would he settle for working in a manager role? No! His why drove him to be in a highly intuitive, dreaming, creators role.


5. Develop new insights and skills that help you to live closer and closer to your statement or mantra without creating big changes.

I’ve worked with over 40 clients now, most of them thought they needed to quit their jobs. Many ended up changing their jobs however, many found that quitting wasn’t required.

Us human being have very common human needs. Often these needs are not met. Hence we end up looking to meet them else where in resourceful, or un-resourceful ways. If creativity is a need for you, and you don’t get to be creative, you may feel an unmet need. Rather than quit your job, doing something more creative on the weekends, or even some smaller creativity time or creative task may fill the void.

Helping people become aware of un-met needs, and un-resourceful thinking and habits are one of the primary results experienced through the initial stages of coaching. It all begins with awareness, then little changes (or complete transformation) can occur.


6. Take the time to reflect, savoir the moments and be 100% present.

In finding your life purpose, it’s very important we take the time to reflect. Recognize that sense of internal fulfillment and calmness when you’re doing things you love. Or doing things that assist you to be completely present. Consider a variety of meditation practices.

It’s very powerful and often underestimated. Especially with finding your life purpose or fulfillment.  Meditation retreats, time out at a Kung Fu school or Yoga Camps are a great way to regain balance, composure, reflect and recharge.

Making a big life change is pretty scary. But, you know what’s even scarier?  Regret.”


7. Find ways to spend more time doing the things that link to your purpose, or find ways to link what you do to your purpose.

Can you turn your passion/purpose into a small cash flow system. This may not be evident right away. In 2011 and 2012 I was a NLP Practitioner trying to change the world. I was guiding people through healing and change processes. But I had no idea how to charge or even if I could. I stumbled upon a podcast and discovered a path that lead to becoming a professional and PAID Life/Executive Coach. That training and being able to monetize it meant that I could really focus on my calling. My calling is not to be a Life Coach, but this is part of my journey.

One of my clients has changed her job every year for the past 3 years. She knows her calling and after working in 3 different companies, in 3 different positions, she had learned the skills required to start her own business and has a pile of valuable experiences, good memories and connections from those 3 years.


Finding your life purpose with Adrian Cahill, being blessed.


8. If still required, then look at creating bigger changes.

Despite the previous example, which is a rare case, it still amazes me how quickly my friends in China quit their jobs. I wonder, are the problems they are faced with really going to be solved by changing jobs? Changing jobs regularly if it is for your purpose is great! If changing jobs and changing cities regularly, while not following your purpose is a problem. Perhaps instead of a change of environment, maybe a change in self is required. Perhaps a life overhaul or servicing. Check your self in to see a professional (or even a training) Life Coach to map out your life and purpose. Finding your life purpose is often something best done with help.

You may even find some of your experiences from the past (often between 3-9 years age) may be holding you back from being able to access your best self or cause problems in your relationships. It happens all the time. A coach is great for that. Finding your life purpose while suppressing emotions is a challenge. Finding your life purpose while suppressing childhood trauma or memories of mum and dad constantly unhappy or fighting is certainly a challenge.

If you don’t want to see someone to help you, or you really really want to do it by yourself, perhaps 1 – 3 weeks of Maum Meditation (in Noonsan Korea) or Viapasana Mediation (at temples and retreats all around the world now). Travel by yourself. Time in your religious center if you have one. Finding yourself, your passion, finding your purpose in life is a journey that will change your world forever.

“If you are given a chance to be a role model, I think you should always take it because you can influence a person’s life in a positive light, and that’s what I want to do. That’s what it’s all about.”
Tiger Woods



Please feel free to share your thoughts on 8 Simple tips on finding your life purpose.

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Kind Regards,
Adrian Cahill

Finding your life purpose with Adrian Cahill


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