Completely Free Myers Briggs Style Personality Assessment I made myself while studying the basis of personality. Plenty of people have completed and verified the test and around it I’ve included some extra cool information like, a detailed breakdown of the results and a list of who else fits your personality profile.



1. I have completed “OUTSOURCING made EASY, Tips and advices for successful Outsourcing by Adrian Cahill” It’s available via request.
2. We have just about finished a workbook which we will be giving away. 60 pages of material to help you move through a quicker path of self development and 60 pages Biography capturing my life traveling in Australia to becoming an Investor and later a Coach.



Trial Balance

I made this Trial Balance for some friends and I share it for everyone.

1. Place very high importance on doing your Trial Balance every 4 weeks.

2. Pay off loans, generally in order of highest interest.

3. Consider delaying paying off loans with small interest if that money can be better spent. Ie. buying investments that provide more cashflow than the interest.

4. Minimize expenses & depreciating assets. Maximize revenue and appreciating assets.

5. Most peoples expenses increase inline with every pay increase. As soon as they earn more, they spend more.

6. Being good with money is a discipline, committing & doing this activity will dramatically assist your financial security.

7. After this activity, if we want to be wealthy, we will concentrate on improving our Financial knowledge.



Values Chart

I call this exercise a Value Trial Balance. Investors and Accountants often do Trial Balance of their accounts. This is Trial Balance which encompasses the most vital aspects of your life.

You may want to change Work into 2 squares. Career and Finances as they are separate for many people.

You could also make this into a shorten goals sheet. In a different color pen, write short specific things you can do to boost the specific areas. Full instructions on the file.

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