In Webster’s dictionary self mastery is defined as the ability to control one’s own desires or impulses. Psychologists call it self-discipline or self-control, and it’s the ability to get yourself to consistently behave in ways that move you toward your goals rather than away from them. It’s the ability to set a course of […]

NLP Kunming Yunnan China

Neuro Linguistic Programming(NLP)in relationship – 改善人际关系沙龙 – NLP Kunming 原创: Adrian Cahill KAIKIBU开启步  NLP Kunming Yunnan Province China 你的生活质量取决于你的人际关系的质量。 伟大的关系 = 伟大的人生。 The Quality of your life is dependent on the quality of your relationships.  Great relationships = Great life. 想要改善你生活中的每一段关系吗,是一点点的改变还是很大的改变? 来参加这次工作坊吧,去学习如何做到。 在这个沙龙我们将会研究使用NLP来改善我们的关系。这些关系可以是商业、家庭或爱情的。 我们将特别关注提高觉知和意识,因为觉知带来选择。 Want to improve EVERY relationship in your life just a little or a lot? Come […]

This is a collection of over 15 suggestions for easier natural sleep. For years I’ve struggled. Far more so when I’ve had a lot going on in my life. I’ve tried a variety of things and read a lot. This is all from my experimenting and reading. Everything here, in my opinion, is powerful. 

My first experience with Non-Violent Communication was through an Executive Coach I had hired to assist me with balancing some stressful issues I was handling. I hired this Coach as I was really curious what it could do for me and one of the biggest things I learned is that I was communicating rather ‘roughly’ or not seeing ‘eye to eye’ with some people in my life. Anyhow, I got through the situation, got a positive result but knew there was still more to go. A year or two later I watched the Coach deliver a workshop on NVC. Later getting some books and audio programmes to deepen my learnings. Here are my translations and short form of the topic.

It’s amazing, even world champions can find themselves reacting to challenging or even little things. I’m completely guilty of overreacting very often in my relationship with my wife and sometimes simple things in a social media group would ‘trigger’ me and set me off in a rage. Many of my clients shared the same struggle. One of them, a C-Suite Executive, very successful career-minded woman, asked me for a solution and we ‘coached’ on it regularly as she changed her direction in life. Yet what I’m about to share, is ‘next level’. I’ve shared this with clients in 2017-18 and they have greatly reduced re-activity in days! So this is super powerful stuff if you implement it.