It’s amazing, even world champions can find themselves reacting to challenging or even little things. I’m completely guilty of overreacting very often in my relationship with my wife and sometimes simple things in a social media group would ‘trigger’ me and set me off in a rage. Many of my clients shared the same struggle. One of them, a C-Suite Executive, very successful career-minded woman, asked me for a solution and we ‘coached’ on it regularly as she changed her direction in life. Yet what I’m about to share, is ‘next level’. I’ve shared this with clients in 2017-18 and they have greatly reduced re-activity in days! So this is super powerful stuff if you implement it.

What is an Enlightened Relationship

In this short article, we are going to cover what is an Enlightened Relationship. You’re going to love it!

Many people on our planet are awakening to a new form of intimate relationship. The traditional “Til Death Do Us Part” and “They Lived Happily Ever After” are falling away as evidenced by the growing divorce rates in almost every country around the world. Failed relationships are now more the norm than successful relationships. The traditional need to own your partner, control or manipulate them, feeling victimized by your own unhappiness (and blaming it on your partner) no longer serve us.


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Hi there, this article was originally written for my female friends in Shanghai. This is extremely relevant to women and perhaps men everywhere however I wrote it for Shanghai women in particular because this city is simply so dry on available men, and so full of amazing women. We are going to dive deep and […]

Do you remember (or perhaps your still there), when you were in your young twenties, having a night out with your buddies, in one of your favourite locations. This night you were really in your moment. You met a special someone. You kick it off greatly, you have a good understanding of each other or […]