Hi there, I’m Adrian Cahill, I am originally from Australia; however, I spend most my time in my favorite city in the world, Shanghai! Relationships or Dating Coach are just titles. Training, results, real-life experience are what you need in a Coach/Mentor. This is for the Expats in China. Relationships Coach in Shanghai, Dating Coach in Shanghai.


I simply love Coaching in Shanghai!

For you, I am able to offer superior low-risk Coaching for Dating, Relationships either face to face in Shanghai, or over Skype/Wechat. It’s so much value it’s not funny. If you want the coaching, if you want to succeed, we can find a way.


If you have suffered 3 or more of the following you should call me today.

– Procrastination

– Depression or anxiety

– Self-sabotage

– Challenges finding or keeping a partner for more than 6 months

– Think you can do better but find it hard to keep pushing yourself

– Find your self-holding resentment for the opposite sex

– Difficulty letting go off past relationships and fears

These things we must figure out, and conquer.


Let be direct and simple.

Relationships will not work with these challenges in your life. A partner will never make you happy!



Relationships Coach in Shanghai, Dating coach in Shanghai

Relationships Coach in Shanghai, or Dating Coach in Shanghai

I’m not even focused specifically on being a Relationships or Dating Coach. They are two areas in which I can help. 

I found my lovely wife in New Zealand and nowadays, we are very happily married with a little girl called Joy. Like all couples, we had problems. Despite all the ‘Emotional Intelligence’, and books we read, we were not having much success. Eventually, we were Coached. The real breakthrough did not come from that coaching.

I’ve been and seek coaching regularly. Even on things, I’m good at. It’s helped me conquer my fears, recover from trauma and take control of my life. It was the life coaching I was receiving and working on myself which lead to the breakthroughs. 

In the near future, I may shift focus to completely being a Dating / Relationships Coach. But really, I have had so many clients experience big results in dating and relationships, you can be completely confident you can also take advantage of the coaching opportunity here. 

End of the day, I still find it all funny, because my wife and I have a small International Property Portfolio. We thought I would end up Financial Freedom Coaching or Investment Coaching. But everyone came to me for other reasons. So whatever your reason feel free to call me to discuss your situation.

Relationships Coach in Shanghai, Dating Coach in Shanghai. 

Dating coach in Shanghai Relationships Coach in Shanghai


Relationship Coach in Shanghai credentials?


  • Relationship credentials don’t really exist. Relevant life experience?
  • Married
  • Divorced (no kids)
  • Dated a lot of women. (A lot and still friends with most of them, they are amazing human beings)
  • Remarried
  • Almost divorced
  • Grew up! Fell deeper in love
  • 2nd child on the way
  • 100+ Happy Clients
  • EQ Assessor
  • Masters NLP



Why Coaching?

Well, I found through my travels, that often people wanted to follow their dreams and accomplish more, but for most people, their was something was holding them back. Something keeping them from being all they could or being as good as they could be. Often they were not consciously of what it was. Sometimes they were. Normally people were unaware of how much they had been conditioned by their environment/family/community to not be all that they could.  We can be so much more, but we are held back by our conditioning, fears, negative thoughts patterns or something….

Hence I developed my passion for opening minds and Coaching. Not just Relationships Coach in Shanghai. 

Another thing I love to do is share some of the great secrets of life. Many of these secrets are shared by the great success authors like Anthony Robbins, Dale Carnegie, Erkhart Tolle. Laws of Comparison, Cause & Effect, Law of Attraction/Power/Sowing & Reaping etc. 

Learning and applying this knowledge by yourself is ever so challenging yet so worthwhile. So much easier with a coach or passionate Personal Development / Emotional Intelligence trained Coach.  After all, countless studies show that Emotional Intelligence is far more practical than Long Division & a bigger factor for success then Academic Intelligence. Yet our society and educational system focuses on Academic Intelligence.

On the upside, this actually provides A VERY SIMPLE METHOD TO GET AHEAD OF YOUR COMPETITION.

Through these success authors, NLP and Life Coaching, I have developed a 6 point system for dramatically improving YOUR Emotional Intelligence and helping you get the life you desire. Lets talk about a program that suits you. Meet weekly, fortnightly, monthly, over the phone, over lunch. Lets start to make your life really happen. I’m so passionate, I can offer a full guarantee and ways that you can do it. Remember cash is just a transfer of energy.

Change Happens, Growth is Optional…
Choose Wisely.



Relationships Coach in Shanghai, Dating Coach in Shanghai


In NLP there is a saying:

“Everyone is doing the best they can with the resources they have available.”

I feel that this could be modified to:

“Everyone is choosing what to do with the resources they think they have available.”

Would you like to be much closer to getting the life you really want? Do you have one hour to spare every 7-14 days?  Coaching in Shanghai is low risk and is now easily accessible!


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Relationships Coach in Shanghai, Dating Coach in Shanghai

Relationships Coach in Shanghai, Dating Coach in Shanghai


Reach out and say hello. I regularly meet Expats and locals around town for coffee and would love to meet you.

Relationships Coach in Shanghai, Dating Coach in Shanghai

If you like to read on, here is an article about how to gain more social confidence.

And here is free personality assessment I designed based off the works of Carl Jung and Myers Briggs.


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