Hi guys, I’m  Adrian Cahill. Going to share how to start your small business quickly!   One of my highest values is Community. Everyone that knows me, knows I’m a sharer. The more we share resources, the more we can all enjoy our lives.  Here are a couple of things that may help you start […]

Content Writer: A content writer is an individual who specializes in providing relevant text and picture content for websites. They are a time saving asset for helping develop specific and regular content for your site. They can also be utilized to turn interviews, recordings, short stories into more relevant blog posts. Another possibility is the […]

There are millions of examples where Virtual Assistant  have saved businesses and ordinary people countless hours, energy and money. Unmeasurable success. Two years ago on a trip to Australia I caught up with my cousin Andrew we spoke to him about Outsourcing. He was interested and had open ears so we had a great couple […]

In case you haven’t heard of it, Odesk is probably the no. 1 website for Outsourcing. For those unfamiliar with the term, what we are talking about is sourcing Virtual International Staff. It lets small businesses hire, manage, and pay remote contractors as if they were in their own office. More than 200,000 businesses seeking […]

When we talk about Outsourcing, we are referring to a business in a country which hire people from another country to work for them. Although Outsourcing often takes place in the same country or even town, we will now talk about International Outsourcing, predominantly in the IT world. A lot of businesses outsource to save […]