Hi guys, if you’re in New Zealand and after NLP Coach Training in Auckland this may just be for you.

NLP Coach Training In Auckland

If your in Auckland, and interested in developing yourself, getting to your next level, achieving at your best, earning more, developing closer relationships, growing your EQ or looking for a way to give back, then this will certainly interest you.

From Spring 2015 we will be offering Coaching and Training in the fields of Advanced Communication, Influence and Coaching.

It’s with great pleasure that we can offer NLP Courses, NLP Training, NLP Coaching in Auckland. These skills and insights give you the opportunity to reprogram your unconscious to help you CONQUER YOUR WORLD!

– Gain the psychological edge
– Boost your Emotional, Social and Leadership Intelligences
– Have much more freedom and opportunities in your life
– Create real wealth financially, in relationships and lifestyle


My name is Adrian Cahill, a Master Practitioner of NLP (Neuro Linguistics Programming) and Accredited ICF (International Coaching Federation) Coach.

I work with some of Australasia’s leading NLP and Coaching organisations. We are bringing these resources to Auckland and THIS IS YOUR OPPORTUNITY.

Giving people the opportunity to reach out and achieve their dreams is what it’s all about. So if you’re interested in dramatically improving your life. Not just taking control of it, but leading it, and others with heart and soul, I look forward to hearing from you soon.

NLP Coaching in Auckland

Learn to how to use NLP in your Coaching practice or start with your own dedicated coach.



NLP Coach Training In Auckland (From 2 hour series to 14 day certifications)

Coaching in Auckland  (Enter a relationship with your very own private and dedicated Coach)


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Read on for more info on NLP Coach Training In Auckland:


For those with little knowledge of NLP or Coaching, this could be for you however please make sure it is as we don’t want to waist your time. If the goals align this will be great. Often people may actually want to have the procedures and training done on them, not necessarily for them to do it for others. It’s more important we can change our own internal world, then others. 

This pre-reading is for you to speed up our process and make best use of our time.

Don’t worry about memorizing and studying the process. I do that so you don’t have to. What you do have to do, is read through the material once or twice and set some goals or direction to what you want to accomplish.

I know you have an understanding for what Coaching represents so I’ll give you some background on NLP.

NLP auckland



Two exceptional men, John Grinder and Richard Bandler, originally founded NLP in the 1970s. Bandler was enrolled as a young psychology student at the University of California, Santa Cruz, in 1970, and Grinder was an associate professor of linguistics at the same university. They asked themselves the following question, “What is it that distinguishes people who do something with extraordinary elegance and outstanding perfection from people who do not?”

Bandler and Grinder decided to seek the answer by studying the work of three renowned therapists who had achieved extraordinary results with their patients and who were all masters of communication. They studied Milton Erickson (a psychotherapist and hypnotherapist), Virginia Satir (a family therapist) and Fritz Perls with a view to finding out what it was that distinguished them from others in those fields.

By studying how these world-renowned therapists and communication experts achieved their outstanding results, Bandler and Grinder managed to extract the key to their success. They wrote down exactly what it was that these experts did and managed to discover the strategies, linguistics, processes and techniques that made their work unique. Then Bandler and Grinder tried to see if they, too, could achieve the same sorts of results using the same strategies, linguistics, processes and techniques. After a short time they succeeded. The next step was to teach what they had learned to others, so that they, too, could achieve the same. Bandler and Grinder discovered that this was possible – and NLP was born.

NLP Coaching Auckland



As human beings we can never experience reality as it actually is, since we have to experience it through our five senses and our senses are limited in how much information they can receive. So the information streaming in from the outside world is already limited by our senses. Despite this around two million “bits” of information stream through our senses into our nervous system. To ensure that we are not overwhelmed by this stream, the Unconscious Mind screens out most of it and only five to nine “chunks” of information reach the Conscious Mind. This figure varies, but a significantly smaller portion of information reaches the Conscious Mind compared to the portion of information reaching the Unconscious Mind.

Here is the Standard NLP Communications model used by most NLP Schools.

Coaching in Auckland

NLP Communication Model

The Unconscious Mind therefore acts as like an inner screening system. It affects our inner map of reality.


It’s like flour going through a shifter. Only a small portion sticks to the shifter itself.

Everyone’s shifter is a little or a lot different. The flour is the same, yet after shifting only certain grains of flour are caught on the shifter. Most pass straight through. Most of the world goes by, we only catch a glimpse.

This is why we don’t actually react to reality. We react to what we catch of it. We react with our perceptions.

We are left with a neurological interpretation of the experiences.

We also interpret the experiences linguistically through the words we choose when we talk to ourselves. These interpretations form the inner map of our reality. Good, bad, boring, exciting. Judging. Reacting.

Then we have biases or preferences. We call that our neuro-linguistic inner map. And we have formed ourselves often unconsciously. What we do with NLP Coaching is look at our maps. Look at our filters. Simply having that awareness creates more options. More flexibility. More opportunities. And these can lead to the most drastic and positive results humanely possible.




Using NLP it’s possible to change your inner screening systems and maps.
This has many implications but I’ll divide it into two:
1. Working with the past.
This can help you to become more aware of inner blocks and thought patterns. We can then look at removing or allow them to be there in a more resourceful way. You can’t change the past, however you can change how you feel about past events, or what you choose to do with your past experiences.

2. Working with the future.
Creating more resourceful systems and Map that push or pull you in a more desirable direction.


Either way, past or future what you can do and achieve from this training is really fantastic, hence why I focus so much of my time on these skills.


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Training at NYU Campus Shanghai 2015

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