This is part of a greater push to create more positive change in our community.

In 2013 we did our first Coaching Skills Weekend in Shanghai and have repeated them over the years. People that attended at various times gave amazing feedback and many of us are still in contact today. 

Our next Coaching Skills Weekend, will provide a space for you to learn rapidly in a safe, supportive and collaborative growth environment. One or more qualified and practicing coaches will be leading and by your side to facilitate the fast uptake of effective coaching skills. 


coaching skills weekend china

Coaching Skills Weekend China, What Is It?

Over 2 weekends Adrian Cahill, founder of MOTIVATE Shanghai, will be delivering  Coaching Skills Weekend. All days begin at 10 am closing at 5 pm. Lunch and drinks are normally included.

Day 1 covers: Fundamental Coaching Skills (NLP Neuro Linguistic Programming in action, Advanced Rapport, Beyond Body Language, Conversational Coaching Model, all learned through constant exercises and deepening of learnings. Concluding with discussion on future pathways, types of accreditation, an overview of executive, life, business, team & group coaching.

Day 2 covers: The Business Of Coaching. (This is for those creating or growing a business with coaching. Accelerating your development, automating your processes, identifying and changing money beliefs, mBraining, HeartMath, Rapid Belief Change Technology, Strategies to Creating Massive Value).

Qualified or unqualified, you may find yourself interested in both and you are most welcome to attend as you please.

We do two training a year, where we are offering  ICF amd NLP credentialing. Let us know where you are and what you are hope to achieve. Register your interest HERE

( The MOTIVATE community is very supportive. For those eager to come but struggling to allocate the funds to go now, just ask the organisers or facilitators for alternatives. There are ways. )


Coaching Skills Weekend China, Facilitator

Adrian Cahill is your facilitator.

Adrian Cahill is one of the most passionate men you will ever meet. He is a full time leader for several organisations along with Life/Executive/Small Business Coaching roles. Everything he does, is helping others unlock their potential.

Adrian Cahill spoke for audiences in Europe and Asia as early as 2008 on the topics of living passionate lives and how to achieve financial freedom. In 2013 he founded MOTIVATE Shanghai as a community focused, social enterprise for personal and professional development. Adrian Cahill has been on the TEDx stage 3 times (Speaker Speaker Host) as well as being trained in Coaching, NLP, PSYCH-K & HeartMath. He is a leader with the International Coaching Federation (Regional Development for NQLD), Vice Chairman of the Australian Monarchy League NQLD and Mentor for a business mastermind in Australia (BNI Enthuse).

In and out of his leadership positions, Adrian Cahill is focused on helping people throughout Australasia with coaching and training solutions. Adrian Cahill helps people gain clarity and direction. He helps people identify if coaching or training are suitable pathways for achieving happy and fulfilling lives.

Adrian’s professional bio and public testimonials may be found here, Linkedin Adrian Cahill


coaching skills weekend china


Coaching Skills Weekend China, Modules

Day 1. Coaching Foundations

1. How to change from having a surface level conversation to a deep and meaningful connection.

2. Official vs. Spontaneous Coaching: To formally act as a coach, or informally assist someone through the change process.

3. 3 NLP Models every manager and leader NEEDS to know.

4. Individual/Team/Group/Start up Coaching

5. Your first six sessions: Creating your own structure.

6. Coaching colleges, friends or clients: The differences, the boundaries and when to move, or quit.

7. Pathways for going pro. From free to full time and paid.

8. Fancy pieces of paper with creative titles, and accreditation’s explained.


Day 2. The Business Of Coaching

1. Accelerating your first 100 or 1000 coaching hours. How, what, why to log. Strategies and tactics to speed up.

2. What gets measured gets managed. What isn’t measured…… Why most coaches fail quickly. And how to fail forward.

3. Find and change unwanted money beliefs. If your aware of your money blueprint, feel free to bring it in and change it in 15 minutes. Identify and working with rather than against ceilings.

4. Latest developments in ‘Change Work’ technologies. Have a real experience with HeartMath, try mBraining or PSYCH-K. Collaborative and open share of technologies within the group.

5. Creating Massive Value for clients: A private look inside your practice. Improving your pay and client results by knowing what to focus on to CMV.

6. What others haven’t told you about finding and defining your niche.


Coaching Skills Weekend China, Investment

The best investment is in your self. And this is how easy it is to invest.

1800 RMB for a full day of training, or 2600 RMB for both days.

Early Supporters Booking 14 or more days in advance: 1300RMB for one full day, or 2000 RMB for both days.


1. Everyone that has attended a past MOTIVATE event will receive 100 RMB back at the door. 

2. Early Supporters may choose a complimentary DiSC, Sales IQ or Emotional Intelligence 2.0 Assessment and a 30minute confidential one to one lesson on how to add these to your coaching tool kit. Valued at 700RMB.

3. An amazing treasure chest of valuable study material.

( Remember, the MOTIVATE community is very supportive. For those eager to come but struggling to allocate the funds to go now, just ask the organisers or facilitators for alternatives. There are ways. )


Coaching Skills Weekend China, Guarantee

*Earn your money back in 90 days or full refund is available for any coaches (or NLP Practitioners) certified by a recognized coaching school or NLP community. 


Public Praise Of Our Events

“Such a great event!”

“Great people, great minds alike, positive vibe all along, lots of nice energy exchanges, hands-on experience, learned and enhanced previous knowledge”.

“Amazing experience for me as well. So glad to have you all. Love the group energy, very receptive and open minded.”

“A wonderful, inspiring experience… Totally worth the trip from Suzhou!”

“Love tonight’s workshop soooo much! Nothing to say but THANK YOU!”

“The energy was so special. We enjoyed the evening so much!”

“Wonderful, powerful and highly emotional workshop”

“I just cannot stop smiling. You are an amazing group of people that is ful of love, passion and joy. You went up and beyond my of all we could have dreamed of”

“It was nice sharing with like minded people and learn about tips and tricks to improve our lives”

“I love meeting new, growth-oriented folks”

“Thanks Adrian, Henar and Katy for putting this together. Lots of great stories and practical tips shared”.

“I love being surrounded by wonderful people like you”

“It was a pleasure to be in the presence of you all.

“Thank you for sharing your experience and knowledge”

“I gained a lot tonight!”

“It was an unique, interesting experience tonight. Thanks again”

“Thanks for your insights and shining positive energy”

“Many thanks to all of you! Leaned a lot”

“Loved how many other interesting people attended and the friendly and open atmosphere”.

“There was a cozy and warm feeling of the venue and the participants””Thanks a lot for a really nice event yesterday night! Loved having the opportunity to meet other people who are interested in personal development. What a treat!

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