Procrastination is a constant battle for a lot of people. You can dramatically reduce or even eliminate procrastination with effective application of NLP.  So our lives are full of anchors and these save us a lot of time and effort. Anchors help us in many many ways. But some anchors, bring us down.

Callibration is the mother of effective communication yet it’s almost never taught to the depth required for mastery. In our training we deepen our calibration skills. Calibration is the difference between highly effecitive and engaging speakers and not so engaging speakers.

Need help finding your life purpose? Life is full of mysteries and surprises. It is an unending search of things that will make you complete and happy. However, that search is not that easy since there are trials and misleading instances you might face. The survival you have to do in every day you wake […]

Helping startups, small business and a variety of consultants in Shanghai Entrepreneurship can be a complicated field to enter. Especially in China. Walking in its path without any preparation will be such a risk which is magnified in a foreign landscape and often expatriates want a quick and effective solution which may be easy in […]

The business industry is one of the widest scopes in our world. It has an environment which is always fluctuating, always opening to the newest innovations and always answering to the needs of the billion people around the world. If one enters this world without being equipped with the proper tools, he may fail. We […]