What on earth is going on? Are we all being MANIPULATED?   Hi guys,   Being a coach I’m on the phone every day to different cities. On the 25th January 2020, I started one of the most full-on courses I’ve ever run. I love to share a bit more about that but before that […]

 28/11/19 Running an amazing online course, 5 people are about to complete and holding a 9 day NLP Coaching Practitioner Retreat with ICF Credentials. Anyone wanting Training, call me quick price is going up each month. Will hold a Master Practitioner and Master Mind in the following months. Enjoy this article I wrote for YOU!  My […]

The conscious mind is what we are aware of and it steers and guides us, setting outcomes and deciding directions.  The conscious mind is also critical of suggestion. So, if you want to make sure that your suggestions to someone are taken on board, then it is best to communicate with the unconscious mind. The […]

  In Webster’s dictionary self mastery is defined as the ability to control one’s own desires or impulses. Psychologists call it self-discipline or self-control, and it’s the ability to get yourself to consistently behave in ways that move you toward your goals rather than away from them. It’s the ability to set a course of […]

Hi guys, I’m  Adrian Cahill. Going to share how to start your small business quickly!   One of my highest values is Community. Everyone that knows me, knows I’m a sharer. The more we share resources, the more we can all enjoy our lives.  Here are a couple of things that may help you start […]