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Are we all being MANIPULATED?

What on earth is going on? Are we all being MANIPULATED?   Hi guys,   Being a coach I’m on the phone every day to different cities. On the 25th January 2020, I started one of the most full-on courses I’ve ever run. I love to share a bit more about that but before that […]

Program yourself or, be programmed by corporations. Eliminate procrastination and reclaim your life by taking back your anchors.

    Procrastination is a constant battle for a lot of people. You can dramatically reduce or even eliminate procrastination with effective application of NLP.  So our lives are full of anchors and these save us a lot of time and effort. Anchors help us in many many ways. But some anchors, bring us down.

This skill is more important than ANY other skill where we have to communicate, sell or lead.

Callibration is the mother of effective communication yet it’s almost never taught to the depth required for mastery. In our training we deepen our calibration skills. Calibration is the difference between highly effecitive and engaging speakers and not so engaging speakers. https://www.linkedin.com/posts/adriancahill_coaching-balinlp-activity-6628150539463028737-q3lo https://www.linkedin.com/posts/adriancahill_executivecoaching-personaldevelopment-activity-6628151234169790464-LC3O

8 Quick Take Aways To BOOST Your Inner Game NOW

 28/11/19 Running an amazing online course, 5 people are about to complete and holding a 9 day NLP Coaching Practitioner Retreat with ICF Credentials. Anyone wanting Training, call me quick price is going up each month. Will hold a Master Practitioner and Master Mind in the following months. Enjoy this article I wrote for YOU!  My […]

Conscious Mind – NLP Frame

The conscious mind is what we are aware of and it steers and guides us, setting outcomes and deciding directions.  The conscious mind is also critical of suggestion. So, if you want to make sure that your suggestions to someone are taken on board, then it is best to communicate with the unconscious mind. The […]

Self Mastery Process

  In Webster’s dictionary self mastery is defined as the ability to control one’s own desires or impulses. Psychologists call it self-discipline or self-control, and it’s the ability to get yourself to consistently behave in ways that move you toward your goals rather than away from them. It’s the ability to set a course of […]

Sinaweb – Smallchina.cn

Helping startups, small business and a variety of consultants in Shanghai Entrepreneurship can be a complicated field to enter. Especially in China. Walking in its path without any preparation will be such a risk which is magnified in a foreign landscape and often expatriates want a quick and effective solution which may be easy in […]

Ultima Hub Training Solutions

The business industry is one of the widest scopes in our world. It has an environment which is always fluctuating, always opening to the newest innovations and always answering to the needs of the billion people around the world. If one enters this world without being equipped with the proper tools, he may fail. We […]

Bibiana Rueda

Our mind is something so deep that we can’t comprehend right away what it wants. It is a complicated system managing our personality, emotions and feelings. It is what makes us unique from others. Managing these turbulent sensations is not that easy especially when you are doing it alone. This is why Babiana Rueda Bueno […]

NLP Kunming Yunnan Province China

Neuro Linguistic Programming(NLP)in relationship – 改善人际关系沙龙 – NLP Kunming 原创: Adrian Cahill KAIKIBU开启步  NLP Kunming Yunnan Province China 你的生活质量取决于你的人际关系的质量。 伟大的关系 = 伟大的人生。 The Quality of your life is dependent on the quality of your relationships.  Great relationships = Great life. 想要改善你生活中的每一段关系吗,是一点点的改变还是很大的改变? 来参加这次工作坊吧,去学习如何做到。 在这个沙龙我们将会研究使用NLP来改善我们的关系。这些关系可以是商业、家庭或爱情的。 我们将特别关注提高觉知和意识,因为觉知带来选择。 Want to improve EVERY relationship in your life just a little or a lot? Come […]


NVC China: Coaching lessons to communicate and get what you really want

My first experience with Non-Violent Communication was through an Executive Coach I had hired to assist me with balancing some stressful issues I was handling. I hired this Coach as I was really curious what it could do for me and one of the biggest things I learned is that I was communicating rather ‘roughly’ or not seeing ‘eye to eye’ with some people in my life. Anyhow, I got through the situation, got a positive result but knew there was still more to go. A year or two later I watched the Coach deliver a workshop on NVC. Later getting some books and audio programmes to deepen my learnings. Here are my translations and short form of the topic.

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Reducing Reactivity to WIN in Life

It’s amazing, even world champions can find themselves reacting to challenging or even little things. I’m completely guilty of overreacting very often in my relationship with my wife and sometimes simple things in a social media group would ‘trigger’ me and set me off in a rage. Many of my clients shared the same struggle. One of them, a C-Suite Executive, very successful career-minded woman, asked me for a solution and we ‘coached’ on it regularly as she changed her direction in life. Yet what I’m about to share, is ‘next level’. I’ve shared this with clients in 2017-18 and they have greatly reduced re-activity in days! So this is super powerful stuff if you implement it.


What is an Enlightened Relationship?

In this short article, we are going to cover what is an Enlightened Relationship. You’re going to love it!

Many people on our planet are awakening to a new form of intimate relationship. The traditional “Til Death Do Us Part” and “They Lived Happily Ever After” are falling away as evidenced by the growing divorce rates in almost every country around the world. Failed relationships are now more the norm than successful relationships. The traditional need to own your partner, control or manipulate them, feeling victimized by your own unhappiness (and blaming it on your partner) no longer serve us.


Is mBraining available in Shanghai China

UPDATE date – 28/11/19 Running a amazing online course, 5 people are about to complete and holding a 9 day NLP Coaching Practitioner Retreat with ICF Credentials. Anyone wanting Training, call me quick price is going up each month. Will hold a Master Practitioner and Master Mind in the following months. Enjoy this article I […]

Why you need a Relationship Coach! It’s no longer a choice. Coaching is essential for couples in the 21st Century.

UPDATE date – 28/11/19 Running an amazing online course, 5 people are about to complete and holding a 9 day NLP Coaching Practitioner Retreat with ICF Credentials. Anyone wanting Training, call me quick price is going up each month. Will hold a Master Practitioner and Master Mind in the following months. Enjoy this article I […]

The Business Coach Vs. Executive Coach in China.

 28/11/19 Running an amazing online course, 5 people are about to complete and holding a 9 day NLP Coaching Practitioner Retreat with ICF Credentials. Anyone wanting Training, call me quick price is going up each month. Will hold a Master Practitioner and Master Mind in the following months. Enjoy this article I wrote for YOU!  […]


Lessons in Positive Psychology, the MPR.

Metaphoric Positive Reframe, A technique for the entrepreneurs, positive leaders or anyone interested in positive psychology.   Have you ever wondered what other people or perhaps society thinks about your strengths? For about $15USD you can complete your own Gullups Strength Finder assessment and be given a breakdown of each of your 5 key strengths. […]


8 Simple tips on finding your life purpose:

One of my clients was asking me about helping them with finding their life purpose. It’s actually a question I encounter regularly and from my experience, it’s a much bigger challenge then it first appears. But once people are more aware of their purpose, pathways to pursue it magically appear. Just like in Martial Arts […]

Cashflow 101 Shanghai

Hi guys, this is for all the Cashflow 101 players in Shanghai For the start of our course, please read this first summary: Robert Kiyosaki -Cashflow Quadrant Summary.pdf Secondly read this book or do the Audio series of it: Robert Kiyosaki – Rich Dad Poor Dad.pdf Robert Kiyosaki – Rich Dad Poor Dad Audio Book […]

What is NLP Anchoring

In this article, we are going to cover the basics of NLP Anchoring. Perhaps you will get some insight to how to improve or use this in your daily life. By the end you will know the various forms of anchors and how you can set one. What is NLP Anchoring (or a Anchor in […]

Misconceptions of Wealth

Why do some people achieve financial freedom and have great lives while others struggle? Today we are going to address the 3 biggest misconceptions or myths about wealth. This was trimmed up and inspired by Mr. Roger James Hamilton,  Founder of Entrepreneurs Institute. I’ve bought his book and his thoughts really aligned to a lot […]

Are you getting Lucky tonight?

Do you remember (or perhaps your still there), when you were in your young twenties, having a night out with your buddies, in one of your favourite locations. This night you were really in your moment. You met a special someone. You kick it off greatly, you have a good understanding of each other or […]

Examples of Coaching in Kuala Lumpur

The saying goes, “Learn from those who have done it”. When it comes to Adrian it’s all experience. Being able to leave his full time job and travel for over 4 years before the age of 28 is an accomplishment most people dream of at the age of 58.…   Brian Peters, www.peterspartnership.com.au   For those […]


What is NLP

NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming): A science, approach, attitude and methodology behind communication, personal development and success.  To put it most simply, have you ever been at university and thinking, OMG this is so theoretical, when do we get to actually do stuff? Well one psychology student back in the 70’s had the same question. He […]

Procedure for Employing Virtual Staff: Content Writer

Content Writer: A content writer is an individual who specializes in providing relevant text and picture content for websites. They are a time saving asset for helping develop specific and regular content for your site. They can also be utilized to turn interviews, recordings, short stories into more relevant blog posts. Another possibility is the […]

Online Education: The Future Is Here

Education is the greatest wealth one could ever have. But because of economic crisis, education has become more of a privilege than a right. There are also cases that one becomes part of the privileged, but chose to waste the opportunity of free education. But we cannot judge those who did not finish college or […]

The Essence of Delayed Gratification

Delayed Gratification: FOCUS ON THE FUTURE – NOT THE PRESENT After spending a lot of time in Buddhist countries and reading a lot about spirituality taught me to focus on the present with what’s happening right now! Well, OK I tried that… and sometimes it’s SOOOO IMPORTANT However, focusing on the future is important, if […]

Saving $16,000 by Hiring a Virtual Assistant

There are millions of examples where Virtual Assistant  have saved businesses and ordinary people countless hours, energy and money. Unmeasurable success. Two years ago on a trip to Australia I caught up with my cousin Andrew we spoke to him about Outsourcing. He was interested and had open ears so we had a great couple […]

How to Start Investing with $0

  7 x 24 = 168 hrs in a week 7 x 8 = 56 hrs for sleep 1. How does your normal week go? On the above maths, after sleep you have 112 hrs left and work typically is 40-60hours a week. To start investing, analyze your time. Where did those hours go? 2. […]

Hostels and the future of them!

Hostels, in the context of travel, are accommodations for travelers, especially for youth groups who are looking for a shared accommodation. ‘Hostel’ means that, at the minimum, there will be some dormitory accommodation. Hostels usually also have common areas, a youthful and traveler orientation, and information on the local area and travel to other locations. The […]

Focus and the Art of Saying No

You can never be productive if you take on too many commitments, you just extend yourself too thin and will not be capable of getting everything done. It’s the simple TRUTH.  We all like to do so many things, all at once. Especially the driven, creative or motivated individuals. However we have to focus and […]

Introducing Odesk: The No.1 Outsourcing Site

In case you haven’t heard of it, Odesk is probably the no. 1 website for Outsourcing. For those unfamiliar with the term, what we are talking about is sourcing Virtual International Staff. It lets small businesses hire, manage, and pay remote contractors as if they were in their own office. More than 200,000 businesses seeking […]

Great and Easy Tool: Create a MIND MAP

A mind map is a graphical way to symbolize thoughts and concepts. It is an image thinking  that helps structuring information,  better evaluation, understand, create, remember and produce new ideas. Mostly, mind mapping avoids boring and linear thoughts. It will stir your creativity and make note taking fun again. We can use a mind map […]

I respect your job, but do you?

Often in my talks, people bring up that I seem to think that their jobs aren’t good enough. I like to clear that up straight away. I do respect you and your job. My talks on Personal Development and High Achievement is normally based on the concept that the majority of people do not like […]

The Benefits of Outsourcing and its Disadvantages

When we talk about Outsourcing, we are referring to a business in a country which hire people from another country to work for them. Although Outsourcing often takes place in the same country or even town, we will now talk about International Outsourcing, predominantly in the IT world. A lot of businesses outsource to save […]

Name Memory Techniques

Having troubles recalling people’s names? It happens to almost every person from time to time. Some people easily forget and some have sharp memory. Which side do you want to be on? Since we are babies until we become adults, we are hearing our names. It’s the most important word in the world for us. […]

The Different Roles of Commonly Employed Virtual Staff

The different roles of commonly employed virtual staff: Virtual Assistant, Website Manager, Content Writer, Ghostwriter  and Search Engine Optimizer Seriously, I have made lots of mistakes with Outsourcing. Wasted countless hours trying to automate sometimes the most simplest tasks such as starting a contact list or sorting emails. I have learned from the mistakes though. It […]

Procedure for Employing Virtual Staff: Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant (VA): A VA refers to an independent service provider, who provides administrative, secretarial, technical, or creative services to businesses externally. Since ‘The 4 Hour Work Week’ use of VA’s has dramatically risen. Basically for the business or webpage owner, you source online assistants at a fraction of the rate those similar staff would cost […]

Adrian’s Travel Gadgets

Having been to some 70+ countries or so. I’m frequently asked about what travel gadgets I carry. I made this list for my readers and friends. The following are the travel gadgets I always bring while travelling: GoPro2 HD: When traveling, we want to be as smart and light as possible. I don’t mind spending […]

Adrian the Traveler

Hi, I’m Adrian and I am a Traveler! I’ve traveled around  of the world a lot. I’ve been blessed with two legs and a good passport. Even if I had a ‘bad’ passport, I would never let that stop me from traveling. Travel broadens the mind. It increases your perspective so much. Not many of […]

Online Dating Advice from Yves

Through online dating, you can meet a lot of possible partners  while sitting in the comfort of your own home. It is an unbelievable option: as long as you talk in English, you can be in touch with almost the whole globe. And yet when you only speak on your native tongue (if not English), […]

Procedure for Employing Virtual Staff: SEO Specialist

Hiring an SEO Specialist SEO Specialist:       a)      Perform keyword research in coordination with client business objectives to optimize existing content and uncover new opportunities. b)      Provide SEO analysis and recommendations in coordination with elements and structure of websites and web pages. c)      Provide recommendations and execute strategies for content development in coordination with SEO […]

21 Day Theory

The 21 day theory is something I teach my clients  and friends on a regular basis!  I have used 21 day theory on myself to develop habits such as drinking a glass of ice water every morning, choosing salads over chips and brushing my teeth with my left hand. A great habit I developed is looking back […]

Money, Ethics and the New Rich

My Grandfather used to always say, “I wish I was born with money rather than good looks”. I always felt like saying “It wouldn’t really matter, if you were born with money you would be broke by now anyway.“ I don’t mean that to be an insult in anyway. I love my grandparents to bits! […]

If you use your computer a lot or at night read this

F.lux is a simple program you can install on your computers, Ipads, Iphones to help you sleep at night. By adjusting your computers brightness and contrast, or reducing Blue Light. Generally we have our screens bright at day time. F.lux http://stereopsis.com/flux/ is a simple program for reducing the light at night time. It is small, easy, […]

Playboy versus Nice Guy?

Playboy versus Nice Guy? I’ll never forget that Saturday afternoon, 2007, sitting in a beach side bar on the Gold Coast Australia. I was with my cousin and had a great day in the sun. Suddenly this girl came in to the bar and took a seat next to me. She was gorgeous and even […]

The Key to Successful Outsourcing

Key to Successful Outsourcing : Effective Communication! One of the key to successful outsourcing is effective communication. Effective virtual staff / client communications can totally change the way that you and your business work. Leveraging through staff is a key which ultimately can save and make you a lot of money, time, and resources. However, […]

Conquering Human Nature

I regularly tell people being a millionaire is pretty easy, it really is. However it takes regular committed work, and you have to conquer human nature. This is why most people don’t do it. What is  human nature? Well human nature is the main thing that stops all of us from achieving higher success. Many […]

How I keep lean and fit while backpacking.

Look, you may wonder why I write about this but it’s incredibly important to me. I’ll never forget returning home after my 2nd year of backpacking. I meet my friend Maxy from New Zealand. One of the worlds wildest backpackers. And we are at my home town. And Maxy ask me, “Adrian, you don’t look […]

7 Habits of Highly Effective People

28/11/19 Running an amazing online course, 5 people are about to complete and holding a 9 day NLP Coaching Practitioner Retreat with ICF Credentials. Anyone wanting Training, call me quick price is going up each month. Will hold a Master Practitioner and Master Mind in the following months. Enjoy this article I wrote for YOU!   In […]

Finding Free Images Online

Finding Free Images for your Webpages For any website or blog, graphics and pictures are important. A great picture can help capture a reader’s interest, inviting them to stay longer and read your content. Yet, there are a lot of measures in finding images – particularly legal issues. They cannot be used for business or personal […]

Teaching English as a Foreign Language ( TEFL )

An increasing number of people choose to go into TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language.), not as a gap year option straight after university, but as a life-change option much later in life. Whilst taking a TEFL qualification and ‘going traveling’ might appear straightforward, and almost a logical thing to do for recent graduates, it […]


The Holistic Trial Balance

Firstly let me remind you, richness is not just term that means having a lot of money. And I think this is where people often go wrong. I know this because, this is exactly where I went wrong. And this cost me … Over half of everything I owned. A lot of friendships. Most of […]

What’s in Adrian’s Backpack?

Having spent a few years backpacking, I like to think I have a few things figured out!   My Backpack: Type: Tactical 5.11 (a Military issue although you can find one online) Weight: 12-16kg (although I always manage to carry it on board the plane) This was issued to me by the Australian Army prior […]

Best Travel Websites

Hi Guys! As you all know, I’m a travel addict. Formerly an Internet junkie, here are some of the Best Travel Websites.   1. www.skyscanner.net – This is the Google for Plane Tickets. Example search is ‘Sydney’ to ‘Everywhere’ for the month of ‘June’. 2. www.wikitravel.org – My no.1 resource page on new locations. On Google or what ever […]

International Travel & Fashion Blog

Introducing Tammy’s Travel and Fashion Blog I would like to introduce to you my friend Tammy. Tammy is one of the super travelers I meet occasionally around the world, so I’m sharing her story to all of you.  Tammy has lived in four countries.  Pre-dominantly in New York, where she works in the Fashion industry. […]

Improve your Dating: Step 1 “Love Yourself”

There are many ‘Keys’ to dating, however,  you have to be complete and happy with yourself first. Sounds quite simple ?And yes it is. Once you get your head in the right place (with or without a little coaching), dating will simply be so much easier. These sum it up:healthy mind, healthy body, and healthy […]

Healthy main dishes from around the world

Healthy Main Dishes Here are healthy main dishes recipes, including favorite ingredients like chicken , potato, beef , pasta , Mexican chef salad, shells and meatloaf. Caribbean Rum Chicken Recipe Check out our Caribbean Rum Chicken Recipe Ingredients  4 (110g) boneless, skinless chicken breasts 1/4 cup rum 3 tablespoons lime juice 2 tablespoons reduced sodium soy […]

Using NLP and water to slim down easily

Here is some advice I originally received from a healthy fitness fanatic friend. It’s really simple and will help you slim down. Are you ready for it? It’s not really hard and complex. I wrote this around 2011 and just updated it! This is still very valid, I’m in my late 30’s, with 2 kids […]